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Lhomond #2

God Makes the Body of Adam from the Clay of the Earth

Deus finxit God fashioned
corpus hominis the body of the man
ê lîmô terrae: from the mud of the earth
dedit illî He gave it
animam vîventem a living soul
fêcit illud He made him
ad similitûdinem suam according to His own likeness
et nôminâvit illum Adâmum and He named him Adam
Deinde immîsit sopôrem in Adâmum Then He sent a sleep upon Adam
et dêtraxit and He drew out
ûnam ê costîs one of the ribs
eîus dormientis of him while he was sleeping
Ex eâ From it
fôrmâvit mulierem He shaped a woman
quam dedit whom He gave
sociam Adâmô as a companion to Adam
sîcque înstituit mâtrimônium and so He established marriage
Nômen prîmae mulieris The name of the first woman
fuit Eva was Eve
Created by: WJFR