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ch 22-int science

chemistry and the enviromnment

What is alphay decay? Radioactive decay that results in an alpha particle(a helium nucleus) being emitted from the nucleus of a radioactive element.
What is alpha particles? A partically charged particle emitted from the nucleus of an atom during radiactive decay, also called a helium nucleus.
What is beta decay? Radioactive decay that results in a beta particle (an electron) being emittedfrom the nucleus of radioactive element.
What is beta particles? A negatively charged particle (an electron)emitted from the nucleues of an atom during radiactive decay.
What is carbon dating? A technique to find out how old something is.
What is emissions? the airbone gases and particles expelled through an operating automobile's tailpipe.
What is fission? xA nuclear reaction that involves the splitting of the nucleus of an atom.
What is fossil fuels? Hydrocarbon substances inculding oil, coal, and natural gas that are extracted from the Earth.
What is fusion? A nuclear reaction that involves fusing nuclei from two atoms to make a different atom.
What is global warning? An increase in the Earth's temperature due to mainly to increased carbon dioxide and other heat-absorbing gases in the atmosphere.
What is half-life? The length of time it takes for half an amount of radioactive subtances to undergo radioacative decay.
What is isotope? Forms the same element that have different numbers of neutrons and different mass numbers.
What is nuclear reactions? A reaction that involves splitting the nucleus of an atom or fusing two nculei.
What is nucleons? The protons and neutrons inthe nucleus of an atom.
What is photosynthesis? A chemical reaction performed by plantss in which energy from the sun is converted to chemical energy.
What is radioactive? A term to describe an atomic state when the nucleus is emitting radiation in the form of particles and energy until it becomes more stable.
What is radioactive isotope? an unstable isotope of an element that spontaneously undergoes radiactive decay.
What is stable? A non-radioactive nucleus.
What is unstable? A radioactive nucleus.
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