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wed night anatomy #2

a sign is what? something observable/ you can see with your eye
what are some examples of a sign? bruise, fever, cut etc...
a symptom is what? something objective/ cant see with your eye (have to be told about)
what is an example of a symptom? pain
a syndrome is what? A collection of signs and symptoms. (harder to diagnose, no clear cut explanation or test)
a diagnosis is what? The art of discriminating between diseases and distingishing them by their signs and symptoms
a prognosis is what? prediction/conclusion in regard to the termanation of a disease. The likely outcome for example: how long it should last 5-6 days.
What does local mean? specific to one area or region of the body
what does systemic mean? involves the entire body
Acute means? A sudden onset; can be severe; present 1-3 days. You can be fine one min and not so fine the next.
chronic means? develops over time; persists past 3 weeks.
congenital means? present @ birth.
What causes disease? infectious agents, bacteria, virus's, fungi, parasites + prions. Environmental factors aka pollution. Nutritional deficiencies, genetics, and even mental/emotional factors.
Created by: tboecker21