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Peds - Growth & Dev.

Peds - Growth & Development

Growth & Nutrition Terms - PedGrowth & Def. Definitions
Chromosomes 23
Cephalocaudal Development proceeds from head to toe
Maslow's Hierarchy Physiological must be met first
Personality "Unique organization of characteristics that determine the individual & typical or recurrent pattern of behavior
Cognition "To know" - refers to intellectual ability
Piaget's Theory Stages of development, all of which are interrelated: sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operations, and formal operations. Each stage builds on the preceding stage.
WIC Women, infant, children up to 6 months.
Deciduous Baby teeth
DRG's Diagnosis related groupings. Medicare system that determines payment for a hospital stay based on the patient's diagnosis.
Mitosis Type of cell diviision.
Meiosis Cell division of sex cells division only.
Mutation Defect in DNA - something did not divide or mutiply right.
Teratogen Substance that causes mutations.
Autosomes 22 pair of chromosones without sex chromosone
Recessive Not the dominant gene. Ex. is light color hair.
Homozygous 2 members of a pair of genes carry the same genetic instruction.
Heterozygous When 2 genes in a pair carry different instructions and 1 member is dominant.
Karotypes Chromosonal makeup of a normal body cell
Tetology Science of treating the fetus in utero
Proximodistal Midline to periphery. Development from center of body to the periphery.
General to specific Infant's grasp with hand before pinching with fingers.
Linear growth Skeletal growth
Children's Bureau Research in 1930's Resulted in hot lunch programs at school "Free lunch program"
Pure Food & Drug Act Controls meds, poison and purity of foods.
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