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Africa Vocab

african vocabulary terms

a steep slope capped by a plateau escarpment
agricultural way of life that involves raising livestock and usually includes some farming pastoralism
gravel covered plain from which wind has blown the sand and dust away reg
crop whose fleshy roots are nutritious cassava
sediment courser than clay but finer than sand silt
language used in East Africa that developed as a trade language Swahili
a port in which unloaded goods are subject to few or no taxes free port
an open air trading market held regularly at a crossroads or in a town periodic market
religious belief that honors the memories of ancestors and holds that water, trees, animals, mtns, & other objects in nature have spirits animism
region of bush savannas and grasslands along the southern end of Africa's Sahara Sahel
product that comes from the sap of acacia trees and used in some meds and candies gum arabic
source of wealth used to make more wealth captial
economic/political measure, such as an embargo, used by countries to force another to cease a bad act sanction
dried meat of a coconut copra
Created by: jlindsay_history