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7Sci Chapter 17 Sec3

Matter in Motion - Friction:A Force that Opposes Motion

What example results in a helpful increase of friction? sand applied to a slick sidewalk
What example results in a helpful decrease of friction? oil added to a car engine
What is a force that opposes motion between two surfaces that are in contact? friction
Name two factors that determine the amount of friction. the force and the roughness of the surface
What is an example of an object opposed by kinetic friction? a box sliding on a floor
What is an example of an object opposed by static friction? a worker pushing on a non-moving box
Name an activity where friction is helpful. car tires moving a car forward
Name an activity where friction is harmful. car engine parts wearing out
What is a way NOT to reduce friction? pouring sand on ice
When a mover puts furniture on a dolly with wheels, which type of friction is the mover using to make his job easier? rolling kinetic friction
Why does friction occur? the roughness of any object's surface
What is a way to reduce friction? wax skis before skiing down a slope
What is friction? a force that always acts to oppose motion
When is friction greater? when surfaces have more roughness
What happens when force is applied to two surfaces in contact? when force is applied, friction increases
When a teacher tries pushing a large desk slowly across the classroom floor, but the large desk will not move, what is keeping the desk from moving? static friction
When two students help the teacher push a large desk slowly across the classroom floor, what resistance opposes the faster movement of the desk? sliding kinetic friction
When the teacher and students get a dolly to move a large desk, what force of resistance opposes the motion of the desk? rolling kinetic friction
Name three common items you might use to increase friction. sand, work gloves, and sticky tape
Created by: ndmsteach