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cccchapter 6

leccion 3

el campeonato championship
el clavado dive (water)
la mira purpose
el/la nadador(a) swimmer
el nado, la natacion swimming
la rutina libre freestyle
el torneo tournament
mundial worldwide
remozado(a) rejuvenated
zurdo(a) left-handed
encabezar to lead, to head up
integrar to integrate
realizar to fulfill, carryout
ubicarse to be located
ojala I hope
el/la analfabeto(a) illiterate person
la carcel prison
el conocimiento knowledge, understanding
la marginalidad marginality
la pizarra chalkboard
el recluso inmate
el sacapuntas pencil sharpener
conductual with regard to conduct
imprescindible indispensable
mediante by means of
proclive inclined
requerible required
manejar to drive, to handle
Created by: olivia meier