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"When Esther..."

Rdg Unit 3 Week 2 Vocabulary

Attorney: A lawyer, one who helps with legal matters.Example: Before arguing your case in court, it may be a good idea to have an attorney.
Colonel: One of the ranks of a military officer. Example: Kevin Andretti was promoted to full colonel last month.
Legislature: A government body having the power to make laws.Example: People depend on members of the legislature to make laws that are fair.
Postpone: To put off to a later time.Example: The officials decided to postpone the baseball game until tomorrow because of rain.
Qualify: To make fit, as for a certain job or task.Example: In order to qualify for the Olympics, you must be one of the best athletes in the country.
Representative: A person who is chosen to represent or stand for another or others.Example: A representative from each district was sent to City Hall to vote for the law.
Satisfactory: Good enough to meet a need or desire.Example: The work done on the house was satisfactory so the owners could move in.
Submit: To give up; to give in to someone’s power. Example: Soldiers may submit to the enemy if they are too weak to fight.
Created by: mrsthompson