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"Sleds on Boston..."

Rdg Unit 3 Week 1 Vocabulary

Governor: The person elected to be the head of a state government in the United States, or of a territory.Example: The governor of my state will sign the new law.
Instruct: To provide with knowledge, information, or skill; to teach.Example: The dance teacher will instruct the students in tap, ballet, and jazz.
Navigation: The art or science of figuring out the position and course of boats, ships, and aircraft.Example: For proper navigation, pilots rely on equipment to direct them.
Patriots: People who love and enthusiastically support their country.Example: American history views George Washington and John Adams as true patriots.
Spunk: An informal word for courage, spirit, or determination.Example: The gymnast showed her spunk by climbing back up on the balance beam after falling.
Stark: Bare.Example: All of the trees had been cut down so the landscape appeared stark.
Swagger: A walk or behavior that is bold, rude, or arrogant.Example: The star athlete walked into the room with a swagger.
Tyrant: A person who uses power or authority in a cruel or unjust way.Example: The king was a tyrant because he punished his subjects unfairly.
Created by: mrsthompson