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"Black Cowboy..."

Rdg Unit 2 Week 5 Vocabulary

Suspended: Held in place as if attached from above.Example: The spider was suspended from the roof by a strand of web.
Vastness: Greatness in size, extent, or number. Example: The vastness of the desert made it seem to stretch for miles.
Flickered: Shone or burned with an unsteady or wavering light.Example: The candles flickered in the breeze.
Swerved: Turned aside suddenly. Example: The car swerved to miss the dog crossing the road.
Enthusiasm: Eager and lively interest.Example: The audience expressed great enthusiasm for the play by applauding loudly.
Presence: Something felt to be present in a specific place at a given time.Example: I could sense my mother’s presence even before I saw her.
Horizon: The line where the sky and the earth or sea seem to meet.Example: We watched as the ship seemed to disappear into the horizon.
Ravine: A deep, narrow valley, especially on worn by running water.Example: As you walk along the edge of the road, be careful not to fall into the ravine.
Created by: mrsthompson