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"The Night of San.."

Rdg Unit 2 Week 4 Vocabulary

Elegant: Showing richness and good taste; showing grace and dignity.Example: The elegant dress was trimmed with gold lace.
Blared: Made a loud, harsh sound.Example: The trumpets blared as the Olympic ceremonies began.
Forbidden: Ordered not to do something, not allowed.Example: The children were forbidden to play outside after dark.
Mischievous: Full of mischief, or conduct that is often playful but causes harm.Example: Cal likes to be mischievous by playing practical jokes.
Reluctant: Unwilling or hesitant.Example: My friend wants to try the high dive, but I am reluctant to join him because I am afraid.
Hesitation: A delay due to fear or doubt.Example: The talented dancers showed no hesitation on stage.
Irresistible: Not capable of being resisted or opposed. Example: On a hot day, a cold drink is so tempting that it is irresistible.
Gossiped: Talked or spread rumors, often unfriendly, about matters related to another person.Example: Kayla gossiped to her friends about Beth because she was jealous of Beth’s good grades.
Created by: mrsthompson