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"Pipiolo & the Roof"

Rdg Unit 1 Week 5

Cooperation: Working with another or others for a common purpose.Example: With cooperation, the friends quickly decorated the room for the surprise party.
Celebration: The act of honoring with festivities.Example: My grandma’s ninetieth birthday called for a big celebration.
Fragrance: A sweet or pleasing smell. Example: Roses have a strong fragrance.
Variety: A number or collection of different things; things of various kinds or parts.Example: I enjoy eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.
Canceled: Did away with, stopped, or called off.Example: The picnic was canceled due to rain.
Moistened: Dampened or made slightly wet.Example: Ellen moistened the flaps of the envelopes with a damp sponge.
Theory: An idea that explains a group of facts or an event; something that has not been proven true. Example: Do you have a theory that explains why leaves turn color in the fall?
Transformed: Changed in shape, form, or appearance. Example: The builder transformed the backyard by adding a patio.
Created by: mrsthompson