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Rdg Unit 1 Week 4 Vocabulary

Function: To work or act; to serve.Example: Mr. Martinez will function as the principal while Mrs. Arnold is out of town.
Adjusted: Changed or arranged to fit a need or demand.Example: We adjusted the schedule to include two more singers in the program.
Disasters: Events that cause much suffering, distress, or loss.Example: Hurricanes are examples of natural disasters.
Environment: The air, water, soil, and all the other things that surround a person, animal, or plant.Example: Living things need time to get used to changes in their environment.
Mission: A special job or task.Example: My mom sent me on a mission to find my sister’s favorite stuffed bear.
Maze: A confusing series of paths or passageway through which people may have a hard time finding their way.Example: There is a maze in my town where people try to find their way through tall stalks of corn.
Zone: A region or area that has some special quality, condition, or use.Example: There is a “No Parking” zone on this street.
Gravity: The force that pulls things toward the center of Earth, causing objects to have weight.Example: Because of gravity, a ball thrown in the air will fall back to the ground.
Created by: mrsthompson