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"Davey Crockett..."

Rdg Unit 1 Week 2 Vocabulary

Advertisement: A public notice that tells people about a product, event, or something a person needs.Example: A successful advertisement will convince shoppers to buy a product.
Sauntered: Walked in a slow or relaxed way; strolled. Example: The family sauntered through the lush grass in the park
Commenced: Began or started.Example: When the audience was seated and quiet, the play commenced.
Elected: Chosen by voting.Example: The class elected a representative to discuss the issue of recess with the principal.
Wring: To squeeze or twist; to get by force.Example: I had to wring out my swimsuit before hanging
Impress: To have a strong effect on the mind or feelings.Example: The display of artwork will impress the audience.
Original: Made, done, thought of, or used for the first time.Example: All of the wood floors in the old house are original.
Fireball: A bright body from space that may trail behind sparks.Example: The fireball shot across the sky and briefly lit up our backyard.
Created by: mrsthompson