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" Miss Alaineus"

Rdg Unit 1 Week 1 Vocabulary

Slumped: Fell or sunk heavily.Example: The tired woman slumped down in the back seat.
Soggy: Very wet or damp; soaked.Example: The juicy tomatoes on the sandwich made the bread soggy.
Capable: Having skill or power; able.Example: The new planes are capable of even greater speed.
Categories: Groups or classes of things.Example: The menu was divided into three categories: snacks, main courses, and desserts.
Strands: Things similar to threads.Example: Strands of spaghetti were wrapped around the fork.
Gigantic: Like a giant; huge and powerful.Example: The airplane looked gigantic when I saw it up close.
Credit: Praise or honor, something owed to a person. Example: The students who included a visual display with their speeches earned extra credit.
Luminous: Bright; shining.Example: The luminous glow coming from the windows made the house look warm.
Created by: mrsthompson