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FR final-mg

What kind of consent is taken when you identify yourself as a First Responder and the victim gives you permission to help him/her? informed
What organ is located in the medial right upper quadrant of the abdomen? liver
What is the first thing that you should do when you find an unresponsive victim? Ensure an open airway and do a complete patient assessment.
What should you assess after the chest during the patient assessment? abdomen, for abdominal tenderness
What is the rate of rescue breathing (rate of ventalations) for an adult? one every 5 seconds
How many breaths and compressions are provided during adult CPR? 2 breaths,30 compressions
How many compressions should be given during CPR in a minute for an adult? 100
What steps should be done when trying to control bleeding? direct pressure, elivation, pressure points
What is the treatment for a victim that is developing shock? elevate feet
What law protects you if you do everything to help a victim as long as you act in good faith? Good Samaritan
How many ventalations and chest compressions should two man CPR deliver? 2 breaths,30 compressions
What should you do if a patient has an impaled object in the globe of the eye? leave object in place, apply dressing around object , and place a cup or cone over object.
If a persons face becomes swollen, has blotches on body, wheezing and labored breathing you may suspect that the patient is in what type of shock? anaphylactic shock
Where should hands be placed for adult CPR? over lower half of sternum
What is the breaths and compressions when providing CPR to a Child? 2 breaths, 30 compressions
What is your best defense against infectious disease when providing emergency care? wear gloves
Wearing gloves and treating everyone as if they have an infectious disease is called_____________? BSI
What should you do if a patients intestines are exposed? apply a moist dressing over exposed organs
If a patient has clear fluids draining from his or her ears, what should you do? cover the ear with a loose dressing
What type of vaccinations should the First Responder get? hepatitis B
If a patient has a spinal injury how should you open the airway? jaw thrust
If a victim has a neck or chest wound, what type of dressing should be applied? occlusive dressing
If a victim falls, what type of injury should you look for? spinal injury.
What should be your first step when caring for an open wound? control bleeding
When caring for an injuried eye, what should you cover? both eyes
If an object is loosly impaled in the cheek, what care should be given? Do not remove object but place packs between the teeth and cheek wall.
What organ would be injured if the victims lap seat belt is too tight? bladder
How long does it take brain damage to occur when there is a lack of O2 4-6 min
What do you do if a victim has an object impaled in the chest? stabalize object with pads of dressing
What type of dressing is applyed to a sucking chest wound? occlussive dressing
What is the safe zone for a hazard materials incident? uphill and upwind
If a victim has a skull fracture, how would the puplils look? unequal
How should a patient be positioned with a minor closed head injury and has no spinal injury? upper body elevated
If a victim has a spinal injury and is in cardiac arrest do you do CPR? yes
WHat would you susspect if a patient is restless, has chest pain, and is short of breath? heart attack
What equipment would you use to move a victim up or down stairs? stair chair
What would you susspect if the victim is short of breath, swollen ankles and abdomen, and a bluish color around lips? CHF- congestive heart failure
How would you position a person with altered mental status that is showing signs and symptoms of a stroke? recovery position
What disease is indicated with seizures? epilepsy
What type of move should you do if the first victim is breathing but the second one is not? emergency move
How often do you breath for the infant that is recieving rescue breathing? 1 every 3 seconds
How long does normal labor last? 16 hours
DUring a breach birth and the babys head is not delivered what should you do? insert fingers into mothers vagina and open an airway for baby
How can you control normal postdelivery bleeding? massage the area above uterus.
What do you do if a newborn doesnt start breathing within 30 sec of delivery? tap the soles of feet and vigorously rub back
Burns with dry lime should not be wet. Why? brush first. if wettened the lime will turn to cement.
If a 2 year old swallows cough medicine what should you do? dilute by making him drink fluids.