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wm zhongwen 18/19

lesson 18-19

员工 yuangong employee
左右 zuoyou more or less
软件 ruanjian software
技术 jishu technology
提供 tigong to provide
开展 kaizhan to carry on
业务 yewu business
副修 fuxiu minor
成绩 chengji grade, score, result
曾经 cengjing once
担任 danren to take the position of
嘉奖 jiajiang to award
主席 zhuxi chairman
组织 zuzhi to organize; organization
凡是 fanshi all, every
之一 zhiyi one of
项目 xiangmu project
论文 lunwen research paper, thesis
出差 chuchai to go on a business trip
哪怕 napa even if
宁愿 ningyuan would rather...than
金融 jinrong finance
市场 shichang market
景气 jingqi prosperous
竞争 jingzheng to comepete; comeptetion
祝贺 zhuhe to congratulate; congratulations
谦虚 qianxu modest
幸运 xingyun lucky
工资 gongzi salary
饭碗 fanwan rice bowl
稳定 wending stable
待遇 daiyu salary and benefits
年薪 nianxin yearly salary
起薪 qixin starting salary
wan ten thousand
股份 gufen stock
婆婆妈妈 popomama wordy, over-elaborate
究竟 jiujing after all
医疗 yiliao medical treatment
补贴 butie to compensate; allowance
学费 xuefei tuition
福利 fuli welfare, benefit
犹豫 youyu to hesitate
固然 guran admittedly, though of course
环境 huanjing environment, surroudings
确实 queshi indeed, really
融洽 rongqia harmonious
上司 shangsi boss, supervisor
zhuan to earn or make (money)
Created by: shindok
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