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Aquatic 1

Electro fishing theory

An electro fisher works by seting up an what bewtween a _______ and an _____ in the water An electro fisher works by seting up an what bewtween a ANODE and an CATHODE in the water
What are your zones based on the location starting FROM the anode (reading from left to right)..................kill zone-stun zone-fright zone
Severals ways fish can respond to the presence of an electric shield are? 1.Fright 2.Electrotetany 3.electronarcosis 4.electroaxis
Electrotetany; Muscular _______ due to current contractions
Electronarcosis;Muscular _________ due to current Relaxation
Electrotaxis; forced swimming towards what? anode
The change in what, with the respect to what? (the voltage gradient) has the most effect on fish. the change in voltage with respect to distance has the most effect on fish
Electrofishing works best in waters with conductivity values between what and what uS/cm between 100 and 500 uS/cm
To maximize injury to a fish; maximize what? maximize anode size
Optimize "___:___" ratio Optimize "anode:cathode: ratio
use an electro that does what? minimizes steep voltage gadients
The Unit of Resistance is what? and what does it do(drap) on electrical flow? Ohms-resistance(drag)on electrical flow
the unit of voltage is what? what is electrical pressure forcing the elctrical flow mean? Volts(v)-Electrical potential
The unit of power is what? also what does Rate of doing work mean? Watts(W)-the rate of doing work
what is the definition refering too? and what are the units? Direct Current(DC)
The Current flows in one direction and then in the orhter direction, what is this refering too? what are the units? Alternating Current (AC)
What is the the most common use for electrofishing? Biological Sampling
Describe what a low head dam is? Its a dam were fast moving water occurs as a result of the Hydralic is in a continuous motion to the point of drowning.
What is the appropriate crew size? At least two members
What does Current mean? What is the unit for current? Rate of flow of electrical current. The Unit is Amps
What is Resistance? What is the unit for resistance? Is the drag on electrical flow. The Unit is Ohms
What is Voltage? What is the unit for voltage? Is the electrical presure forcing the electrical flow (Electrical Potential). The unit is Volts (V)
Name and locate three automatic shut down (switches) on the LR 24 backpack electrofisher: -Mercury Switch -Deadman Switch -Deepwater Sensor
Name the plumbing parameters that are analogous (related)to the following electrical parameters. Current= water flow Voltage= Water Volume (Volts) Resistance= Pipe size (Ohms)
Created by: cplester