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Julius Caeser

Study Guide

Act3Scene1; what was each of the following characters to do at the capitol: Treboniouis, Cimber,Casca, Brutus? Act3Scene1; made antony from capitol Act3Scene2; how does brutus justifly caesars murder when he speaks to the people? Act3Scene2; ambitious. Act4scene2; where are brutus and cassius? Act4scene2; camp near sardis. Act5Scene1;what do brutus and cassius do? Act5Scene1; talking about who there ll pie their parting with goo will.
Act3Scene1; how do the conspirators react to the assassination? Act3Scene1; caesers dies Act3Scene2; how is the point proven to the peolpe? Act3Scene2; death or ambition Act4scene3; who quarrols? why? Act4scene3; brutus & cassius; brutus rejected the request in the letter by cassius. Act5Scene3; how does cassius die? Act5Scene3; on the sword st pindarus.
Act3Scene1; summarize antony's soliloquy. Act3Scene1; get revenge Act4Scene1;what is the new triumvirate planning to do? Act4Scene1; make a list of enemies to kill and gather troops. Act5Scene1; where does the scene take place? Act5Scene1; philippi
Act3Scene1; how can you prove the dream was fulfilled? Act3Scene1; dieds, stappy, washing hands in blood. Act3Scene2; who does antony show he understands the people better than brutus? Act3Scene2; emotions, letting them think. Act4scene3; what does brutus think of himself? Act4scene3; he is an honorable man Act5Scene3; how does pindarus earn his freedon? Act5Scene3; doing caujsious last with.
Act3Scene1; what prophecy is made? Act3Scene1; the men who have the country freedom. Act3Scene2; what 3 examples does antony give to prove that caeser was not ambitious.? Act3Scene2; when the poor people crys. caesar crys. Act4scene3; what does cassius say he is aweary of the world? Act4scene3; he is tired of the world. Act5Scene3;what happens to titinius? Act5Scene3; hes not captured and takes his own life.
Act3Scene1; what message does antony's sercant bring? Act3Scene1; why was caesar killed Act3Scene2; what are the provisions of caesers will? Act3Scene2; 74 dracmas each. Act4scene3; what alibi does cassius use? Act4scene3; you take all my faults make a list& throw them back at me Act5Scene4;how does brutus die? Act5Scene4; strato sword
Act3Scene1;of what do they assure him? Act3Scene1;they arent going to kill him. Act3Scene2; who is prepared to talk control of the government of rome now? Act3Scene2; antomy Act4scene3; what news do we hear of portia? Act4scene3; portia dies Act5Scene4; what do antony and octavius say about brutus? Act5Scene4; he was the noblest roman of them all
Act3Scene1; who doubts the wisdon of answerin antony's request? Act3Scene1; cassius Act4Scene1; what is the 2nd triuvirate? who composes it? Act4Scene1;3 men, who rule with egual power.antony, ovtavius, lepids Act4scene3; why does caeser's ghost appear to brutus? what does it say to him? Act4scene3; brutus has a guilty conscaius, see you in philippi Act5Scene4; who wins and becomes ruler of rome? Act5Scene4; the second triaphent
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