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Unit D:csi

Grade 6 unit Csi

Archimedes A Greek Mathematician and Inventor born at Syracuse,and killed during the roman invasion of that city .(c.287-212 B.C.)
Cast a Molded mass of plaster
Dichotomous Divided into two parts or kinds
Graphology The Study of handwriting
Scenario An Imagined sequence of events
Particle A minute portion of matter
Mnemonic Of or designed to aid the memory
Forensic Of or used in courts of law
Interlocking weave Fabric knitted with closely-interlocking stitches
Graphoanalyis The Study of handwriting, especially as a guide to character
Constant variable A veriable which is kept constant or unchanging
Capillary Action the tendency of a liquid to be drawn upward
Pigment A substance of that imparts colour to other materials.
Latent Concealed;not developed;not clearly visable
Predition A fortelling of what be expected
Created by: Adaman2go4