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Unit-D Structures and forces grade 7

complementary forces Two or more forces acting on a single object at the same time.
Dynamic load moving or changing forces on a load
Tension Force that stretches and pulls apart an object; like pulling on an elastic
Compression force that acts to squeeze or push parts within an object together
suspension bridge bridge having its roadway hung from large cables supported between tall towers.
structural stability the ability of a structure to maintain its position even when its being acted on by forces.
aesthetics the pleasing appearance or effect that an object has because of how it looks
performance requirements condition a structure must have when it is built
Truss framework of beams that form triangles
deformation change of shape in a structure
center of gravity imaginary point in an object where the downward force of gravity acts.
beam flat structure supported at both ends.
shear force that acts to push parts that are in contact with each other apart.
load external force acting on an object
mass amount of matter in an object
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