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Newton unit of measuring force
complementary forces two or more forces acting on an object on an object at the same time
dynamic load moving or changing force acting on a object
structural fatigue weakening of structure due to the exerted an internal fores acting on it
force a push or pull that tends to cause an object to change its movement or shape
aesthetics the pleasing appearance or effect that an object has because o fit design
function the pleasing appearance or effect that an object has
arch curved structures used in the bridges and gateways
cantilever structure that is supported at only or end or point
symmetry balanced arrangement of mass on side of a line
mass amount of matter in an object
compression force that acts to squeeze an object or push parts within an object
beam flat structures supported at both ends
deformation a change of shape in any shape structure comported
flexibility the ability of a material to be bent under force repeatedly and not fail
friction the force that results when the surface of one object moves against the surface of one the object
column solid upright support structures in the shape of a cylinder
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