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Science Year-end

Year end Assessment

What happens when you bend your arm toward yourself? Biceps contract and triceps extend
What cause a cramp? Too much use of muscles
What tissue connects two bones together? Ligaments / Connective Tissue
What is the function of the skin on the human body? To protect the body from harmful substances
About how many bones are in the human body? about 200
What is the name of the largest bone found in the human body? femur
Where do you find phalanges? fingers and toes
What is the system that includes all of the bones? Skeletal System
When something itches, your hand goes to scratch it, this action is called? response
What is the job of the muscles? To make bones move
Where can you find a ball-and-socket joint? Shoulders and hips
What is the function of the skeleton? support, movement, and protection
What joint only allows movement back and forth in one direction? hinge joint
Where can you find hinge joints? knee,fingers, elbow
Where can you find gliding joints? ankle, wrist, neck and backbone
What body structure causes you to smile? muscles
What causes heart rate to increase? Exercise
What is a change that is possible with the addition of heat? Ice changes to liquid
What is the smallest part of matter that is identifiable as an element? atom
What is the best water schedule for plants? every 2 days
Do water and vinegar have the same volume? yes
Which action will result in a product with new chemical properties? popping popcorn
What is an example of a compound? water
What would happen if enough heat is taken away from a container of water? It will become a solid.
What is the best graph to chart the daily high and low tempuratures for the month? double line graph
What would a person climbing a ladder that is leaning against a wall be using the ladder as? inclined plane
What is the advantage of making a laptop computer light in weight? easy to carry
What type of simple machine is a staircase? inclined plane
What tool can be used to split a log? wedge
What would you measure a piece of wood for a building? tape measure
Before building something with wood, what would be the best first step? make a drawing
Before building something with used parts, what would be the first thing to do? plan the new item
What is the name of the unit that measures force? Newton
What causes cars to move down ramps? a force that pulls
What would be an experiment that tests hypothesis? different heights affects speed
What is the name of the pivot point on a lever system? fulcrum
What would require more force to move and object? the heavier the object the more force needed
What scientific tool gives the most useful information when studying small objects like -water, leaves and chicken bones? hand lens/ magnifying glass
When using a lab, what is the first thing a student should do? Wait for teacher instructions before starting
What is an example of class-1 levers? crowbar, pliers, scissors, see saw(teeter-totter)
What is an example of class-2 levers? wheelbarrow, tortilla press, waffle irons, garlic press, paper cutters,nutcracker, bottle opener, can opener
What is an example of class-3 levers? broom, tennis racket, baseball bat, picks, hockey sticks, tweezers, hammer, human arm
What has the shortest distance between them in the solar system? Earth and Moon
Why is the Earth different from other planets in the solar system? It has liquid water.
How has the Hubble Telescope helped scientists? provides a way to see objects very far away
What is the relation of the Earth to the Sun to the Moon? The Sun is the largest in size, the Earth is next in placement and size and the moon is smallest in size.
Which planet has a year with the length closest to that of Earth? Venus
What revolves around a planet? a moon
Created by: slump