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Lab safety (EPISD 8th grade)

Broom and dustpan Broken glass should be picked up with this
Safety goggles Used to protect the eyes from chemicals, broken glass, and debris
Heat-resistant gloves Used to protect the hands from hot objects
Hand washing Done after experiments to make sure no chemicals are left on your hands
Test tube When heating up, these should be at an angle pointed away from you
Closed container Do not heat this or it may explode
Fumes and odors Do not inhale these directly. Work in a ventilated area.
Lab apron Used to protect your clothes from chemicals and other spills
Sharp objects Handle these carefully. Do not try to catch them if they drop.
Chemicals Mixing these could cause an explosion, fire, or poisonous gasses
Water Use a fire extinguisher instead of this to put out burning chemicals
Fire blanket Use this to smother the flames if someone’s clothes are on fire
Hair Tie this back when working with flames
Horseplay This should never exist in a lab
Report it This is what you should do if there is a question, a spill, or an injury in a lab
Eyewash Use this if you get chemicals in your eyes
Rubber gloves Use these to keep chemicals off your hands. Do not use around heat.
Created by: sLnelson