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A Sensory Crossword

A Sensory Crossword Puzzle NUR 221

a cloudy or opaque lens cataract
phacoemulsification is the breaking up and ______ of the lens of the eye with a vibrating needle extracting
cryosurgery is the technigue of a pecil-like instrument supercooled and _______ to the lens to lift it out freezing
Peripheral iridectomy is excision of a small portion of the _____ iris
tonometry is measurement of ____ pressure eye
one _____ usually not seen with cataracts is Pain sign
Glaucoma can be cured? True or False false
A patient with best corrected visual acuity less than 20/200 is considered legally blind
Miotic eye medication causes the pupil to _______ constrict
mio- or meio- means less
Acute glaucoma is an abnormal condition of the eye with increased IOP, extreme ocular pain, redness of the eye, ______ of the pupil and blurred vision dilation
If untreated, acute glaucoma causes complete and permanent blindness within 2 to 5 _____ days
Beta-blockers a well known class of heart meds, also comes in _____ used to control chronic glaucoma eyedrops
cycloplegic pertains to a drug or treatment that causes _________ of the ciliary muscles for examination of the eye paralysis
Glaucoma requires lifelong medication eye____to preserve vision drops
ir/o, or irid/o means ____ iris
a prefix meaning "cold" cry
opt/o, and -opia, -opsia mean vision or ____ eye
Created by: pclark0023