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reading 2 test

Literal comprehension, or the acquiring of information that is directly states in the text is a ______ for higher-order comprehension. prerequisite
Following directions is an example of the need for _____ comprehension, specifically paying attentino to ____ and _____ literal, details, sequence
_____ comprehension involves making inferences, evaluating, and reading creatively. higher-order
The three categories of higher-order comprehension are: interpretation, critical, creative
Interpretive reading is reading ____ the lines or making ____. between, inferences
Critical reading ingvolves ____ the material read. evaluating
Creative reading results in the production of ___ ideas. new
Readers base inferences on their ___. schemata
What is the relationship between main idea and topic sentence? Main idea is the central thought around which the paragraph is organized it may or may not be expressed as a topic sentence.
Give an example of anaphora. Using she for a noun instead of using Kristen.
Determining cause and effect that has been implied but not stated is an example of ____ reading. interpretive
English Language Learners may experience a breakdown in comprehension if their reading material contains ____ ____ figurative language
Critical reading involves evaluating the text, suspending judgment, and reading with a _____ attitude. questioning
Factors that impact critical reading include the author's ____,____ __ ___, __ ____ ___, and _____, as well as the student's ability to differentiate between ______ and _______. purpose, point of view, timeliness, accuracy and adequacy, and apporpraiteness, fact and opinion.
______ are statements that can be verified through direct observation. facts
____ cannot be verified through direct observation. opinion
The ability to read critically means that a student learns to recognize the seven ______ techniques. propaganda
Creative reading is reading ___ the lines. beyond
The four aspects of creative reading are: predicting outcomes, visualizing, solving problems, producing their own creations.
Research shows that effective___ increases comprehension. questioning
____ is an effective strategy to teach students to help them answer questions they are asked, but it also enhances comprehension when students learn to write their own questions. QAR
The three major terms found in a basal reader series include student _____, teachers' ____, and students' workbooks. readers, manuels
The purpose of students' workbooks is to provide practicing for previously taught skills and strategies.
Teachers' ____ provide helpful suggestions for reading lessons as well as strategy and skill scope and sequence charts, the suggestions for idfferentiating instruction for various types of readers including struggling readers and Englsih language learners manuels
Name 3 ways basal materials can be misused: using basals as total reading program, using all pages regardless of skills and appropriatness, Using basals as a total reading programs
What are three common instructional procedures used with basals: DRA, guided reading, DRTA
Trade books are the foundation of the _____ - ___ approach to reading instruction. literature-based
Name 4 distinct methods that can be followed in a literature-based approach whole class, literature circles, IRA, thematic literature units
In the ____ _____ method, students are grouped for discussion of the books they have chosed to read together. literature circles
In literature ____, students can record their personal interpretations, questions they have about their reading, and connections with other things they have read. logs
In the _____ _____ method, students move at their own pace through self-selected materials, keeping up with their own progress. individualized reading
________ ________ ______ focus on themes, genres, or authors. thematic literature units
A type of literature-based instruction in which the whole class reads the same book at the same time and each student has his own personal copy of the books is known as whole class reading of a core book
The ______________________________ - ______________________________ method or approach uses experience charts and the children’s own language as a basis for reading instruction. language-experience
Thoughtful __________________________ methods or approaches combine the best aspects of several other methods. eclectic
35. One way to reinforce the reading-writing connection is to use the ____________________ -_______________ approach. process- writing
The five steps of the process-writing approach are prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, publishing
What is the purpose of journal writing? To record thoughts and ideas, without concern for correctness of form or mechanics.
Most reading and writing workshops begin with a __________________________, leaving most of the period for students to actually read and/or write mini-lesson
According to Richard Anderson and colleagues in Becoming a Nation of Readers, the most important activity for providing children the knowledge of what it takes to be a successful reader is ___________________________ ______________________ to them. reading aloud
Reading teachers must be familiar with a variety of literary _____________________. Be able to name a number of these. genres
Which of thesse is best suited for storytelling? folktales
What are the Newbery and Caldecott awards and who gives them? Newberry is given for author of the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children, the caldecott is given for best illustrations.. both of these awards are given by the American Library Associtaion.
Each October The Reading Teacher publishes a book list of ____________________ _______________________________. childrens choices
List several ways children can respond to literature. literature circles, drama, quesitons, art, music, oral expression
Having students dramatically read a script developed from one of their readings without sets or costumes is called ______________________ ______________________. readers theater
What are the 3 differnt kinds of anaphora? pronoun referents, adverb referents, and omitted words
Created by: kclark77
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