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A+ Chinese Lesson 24

Environmental Issues by Dabin

地球 di qiu earth
大自然 da zi ran nature
自然保护区 zi ran bao hu qu nature reserve
节约 jie yue to save
节能 jie neng to save energy
水土流失 shui tu liu shi soil erosion
酸雨 shuan yu acid rain
温室效应 wenshixiaoying greenhouse effect
全球暖化 quan qing nuan hua global warming
污染 wu ran pollution
垃圾 la ji rubbish
噪音 zao yin noise
浪费 lang fei to waste
回收 hui shou to recycle
罐头 guan tou can; tin
塑料 su liao plastic
纸盒 zhi he carton
植树 zhi shu to plant a tree
废气 feiqi waste gas
保护 bao hu to protect
Created by: EWHS-Mandarin