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Luz Soria Unit 6


NAme 3 Examples of Birds Sharks, Rays, And Skates
What are 5 major classes of Vertebrates? Mammal, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, Fish
To which Class of Vertebrates do Human Beings belong to? Mammals
What Are gills? tissue in blood vessels that is the site of gas exchange.
What are Contour Feathers Feather that provides insolation and shape to adult birds
What are 3 examples of fish? Russian Strugeon, Catfish, Gold fish
What are the major characteristics of a fish? Live in water Extract oxygen from the water moves with fins
Name 3 examples of Amphibians Bull frog Wood house Toad Spotted Salamander
what are lungs They are internal ag, reperation organ of a vertibrate that enables gas exchange.
Wgat is a lateral line? Specialized sesory system running the length of both sides of a fish.
Created by: LuzSoria