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Astronomy lesson 14

Apologia Astronomy lesson 14

What is astronautics? The science of space flight
A Russian astronomer named _________________ is often called the "father of astronautics". Tsiolkovsky
Tsiolkovsky believed that fuel made with liquid _____________ and liquid ___________ would be strong enough to launch a rocket out of Earth's gravity. hydrogen, oxygen
_______________ _________________ was made called "Moon Man" and made fun of because he believed that we could make a rocket that could get a person to the moon. Robert Goddard
Early on, Russia and the U.S. were trying to beat each other in space exploration. This was called the _______________ __________. Space Race
Russia launched the first rocket into space and it put the first satellite named _______________ in space. Sputnik
What is astronautics? Laika
A Russian astronomer named _________________ is often called the "father of astronautics". Yuri Gagarin
Russians call their astronauts ____________________. hydrogen, oxygen
A month after the Russians sent a cosmonaut in space, the U.S. sent a man named __________ __________________ into space. dynamite, gunpowder
The U.S. put the first man on the moon. His name was ___________ ___________________. Neil Armstrong
Russia space station
Who built the first space station? Russia
One important use of space stations is doing science __________________ in space in the absence of gravity. experiments
The best space station ever built is called the __________________ _____________ _______________. International Space Station
Many nations, including ______________ and the ________, are working together on the International Space Station. Russia, U.S.
In the International Space Station, it takes about _________ minutes to orbit the Earth one time. 90
In the space station, astronauts experience no gravity which is called ________ _________________. zero gravity (0-gravity)
Much of the International Space Station was assembled in space using ______________ or pieces that were built on Earth and sent up to put together in space. modules
Leaving the space station to work outside is called a _____________ _____________ or ________, which stands for ___________________ _____________. space walk, EVA, extravehicular activity
Is it possible to see the International Space Station in the nighttime sky? yes
Gravity keeps our blood flowing properly when we are on Earth. But in zero gravity, astronauts must exercise so their blood flows correctly. If they don't, they can get a medical problem called _____________-_____ _____________________. chicken-leg syndrome
Created by: amcollins