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8th grade cell revie

These are tiny organelles that can be found in the cytoplasm or the ER ribosomes
The egg took in vinegar, this is called diffusion
This is a large storage organelle in plants; there are also smaller ones in animal cells vacuole
The 1st man to see a plant cell was hooke
An organism with more than one cell is called this multicellular
The organelle modifies and repackages materials made in the cell golgi
The control center of the cell is nucleus
This cell type is represented by bacteria prokaryote
This is the support structure for a plant cell cellwall
When a cell takes in water, the process is called osmosis
The organelle where lipids or proteins are made endoplasmicreticulum
The basic structure of all life is cell
The man who first saw animal cells was leeuwenhoek
An organism that is only one big cell is called unicellular
The organelle in plants and animals that breaks down wastes and dead cell parts is lysosomes
This is also known as the plasma membrane cellmembrane
This is the gel like substance in a cell cytoplasm
This is where ribosomes are made nucleolus
This is the powerhouse of the cell mitochondria
This cell type has both a nucleus and organelles eukaryote
These specialized cells carry oxygen using hemoglobin redbloodcells
These cells fight intruders such as bacteria and viruses whiteblookcells
These are the cells that carry signals throughout the body nervecells
Created by: tgoins