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Work and Education

Vocabulary Topic Two

教师   (jiaoshi)   teacher, instructor  
私立   (sili)   privately run  
公立   (gongli)   public, be established and maintained by the government  
学费   (xuefei)   tuition fee, tuition  
学校   (xuexiao)   school  
年级   (nianji)   grade (in school, etc.)  
班   (ban)   class, a group of students who study together  
组   (zu)   group  
幼儿园   (youeryuan)   kindergarten, nursery school  
小学   (xiaoxue)   primary school  
中学   (zhongxue)   middle school and high school  
初中   (chuzhong)   middle school  
高中   (gaozhong)   high school  
大学   (daxue)   university  
学院   (xueyuan)   college  
男生   (nansheng)   schoolboy, boy student  
女生   (nusheng)   girl student  
小学生   (xiaoxuesheng)   primary school pupil  
中学生   (zhongxuesheng)   middle-school and high-school student  
大学生   (daxuesheng)   college or university student  
老师   (laoshi)   teacher  
班主任   (ban xhu ren)   homeroom teacher  
校长   (xiaozhang)   headmaster, principal  
家长   (jiazhang)   parent or guardian of a child  
设施   (sheshi)   facilities  
校园   (xiaoyuan)   campus  
教室   (jiaoshi)   classroom, schoolroom  
课桌   (kezhuo)   desk in class  
写字   (xiezi)   write (characters)  
板   (ban)   board, plank, sheet, flat  
会议室   (hui yi shi)   meeting/conference room  
实验室   (shi yanshi)   lab, laboratory  
图书馆   (tushuguan)   library, atheneum  
教学楼   (jiaoxuelou)   teaching building  
食堂   (shitang)   cafeteria  
礼堂   (litang)   assembly hall, theater  
布告栏   (bugaolan)   bulletin board  
宿舍   (sushe)   dormitory  
操场   (caochang)   playground, sports field  
体育馆   (tiyuguan)   gym, stadium  
游泳池   (youyongchi)   swimming pool  
场   (chang)   field  
篮球场   (lanqiuchang)   basketball court  
足球场   (zuqiuchang)   soccer field  
文具   (wenju)   stationery  
课本   (keben)   textbook  
笔   (bi)   pen, pencil, writing brush  
毛笔   (maobi)   writing brush  
文具盒   (wenjuhe)   pencil box  
纸   (zhi)   paper  
本   (ben)   notebook  
刀子   (daozi)   knife  
尺子   (chizi)   ruler  
作业本   (zuoyeben)   homework exercise book  
橡皮   (xiangpi)   rubber, eraser  
墨水   (moshui)   ink  
字典   (zidian)   dictionary  
词典   (cidian)   dictionary  
计算机   (jisuanji)   computer  
计算器   (zisuanqi)   calculator  
复印机   (fuyinji)   print machine  
地图   (ditu)   map  
电脑   (diannao)   computer  
录音机   (luyinji)   tape/recording machine  
开机   (kaiji)   turn on a machine  
国机   (guoji)   turn off a machine  
上网   (shangwang)   to be on the internet  
电子邮件   (dianziyoujian)   e-mail  
因特网   (yintewang)   internet  
传真   (chuanzhen)   fax  
下载   (xiazai)   download  
打印   (dayin)   print  
软件   (ruanjian)   computer software, personnel credentials  
存盘   (cunpan)   save in a disc  
硬件   (yingjian)   hardware, mechanical equipment  
文件   (wenjian)   Official documents, file  
鼠标器   (shubiaoqi)   mouse of a computer  
教学活动   (jiaoxuehuodong)   teaching activities  
科目   (kemu)   school subject or course  
汉语   (hanyu)   Chinese language  
数学   (shuxue)   mathematics  
物理   (wuli)   physics  
化学   (huaxue)   chemistry  
生物   (shengwu)   biology  
体育   (tiyu)   Physical Education (PE)  
音乐   (yinyue)   music  
美术   (meishu)   art; painting  
艺术   (yi shu)   art  
历史   (li shi)   history  
地理   (di li)   geography  
政治   (zhengzhi)   politics  
外语   (waiyu)   foreign language  
计算机科学   (ji suanjikexue)   computer science  
社会学   (shehuixue)   sociology  
天文学   (tianwenxue)   astronomy  
经济   (jingji)   economy  
法律   (falu)   law  
工程   (gongcheng)   project, engineering  
心理学   (xin lixue)   Psychology  
环境科学 (huanjing kexue)   environment science  
医学   (yixue)   medical science  
活动   (huadong)   activity, events  
课堂活动   (ketang huodong)   classroom activities  
提问   (ti wen)   ask a question  
回答   (huida)   reply, answer, response  
点名   (dianming)   name a person (to do sth.), roll call  
讨论   (taolun)   discuss, discussion  
小组   (xiaozu)   small group  
解释   (jeishi)   explain, explanation  
练习   (lianxi)   practice, pracise  
字   (zi)   word, character  
段落   (duanluo)   paragraph  
听   (ting)   listen, hear  
说   (shuo)   speak  
读   (du) )   read (aloud  
写   (xie)   write  
完成   (wancheng)   accomplish, complete  
作业   (zuoye)   school assignment or work  
考试   (kaoshi)   examination, test, exam  
优秀   (youxiu)   outstanding, excellent  
及格   (ji ge)   pass, pass a test, examination, etc.  
补考   (bukao)   make-up an examination  
复习   (fuxi)   review, revise  
辅导   (fudao)   tutor  
进步   (jinbu)   progress, improve, improvement  
取得   (qude)   get, achieve, gain, obtain  
成绩   (chengji)   performance, result, score, achievement  
懂   (dong)   understand, know  
知识   (zhishi)   knowledge  
知道   (zhidao)   know, realise  
注意   (zhuyi)   pay attention  
有用   (youyong)   valuable, useful  
有趣   (youqu)   interesting, fascinating  
无聊   (wuliao)   boring  
容易   (rongyi)   easy, easily  
难   (nan)   difficult, hard  
课外   (kewai)   extracurricular, after school  
社会实践   (shehuishijian)   friend trip  
服务   (fuwu)   service, serving  
实习   (shixi)   practice, do fieldwork  
参加   (canjia)   participate, to take part, participation  
课外活动小组   (kewai huidong xiaozu)   small groups of after school activities  
安排   (anpai)   arrange, plan  
上课   (shangke)   attend class, go to class  
下课   (xiake)   get out of class, finish class  
午休   (wuxiu)   lunch break  
放假   (fangjia)   have or be on a holiday or vacation  
开学   (kaixue)   start school, begin a term, school opens  
寒假   (hanjia)   winter vacation  
暑假   (shujia)   summer vacation, summer break  
学期   (xueqi)   term, semester  
假期   (jiaqi)   vacation, holiday  
期中   (qizhong)   in the middle of a term  
期末   (qimo)   at the end of a term  
运动会   (yundonghui)   sports meet, track field  
夏令营   (xialingying)   summer camp  
游览   (youlan)   go sight-seeing, tour  
开会   (kaihui)   held or attend a meeting, have a meeting  
有关   (youguan)   relevant  
词汇   (cihui)   vocabulary  
认为   (renwei)   think, consider  
总之   (zongzhi)   in a word, in short  
反对   (fandui)   oppose, be against, object  
相反   (xiangfan)   opposite, contrary reverse  
同意   (tongyi)   agree  
道理   (daoli)   truth, principle  
第一   (diyi)   first  
第二   (dier)   the second  
一方面   (yifangmian)   on one side  
另一方面   (lingyifangmian)   on the other hand  
未来   (weilai)   future  
打算   (dasuan)   plan, intend, intention  
学习   (xuexi)   learn, study  
注册   (zhuce)   register, enroll in an organisation, institute or school  
文凭   (wenping)   diploma  
文科   (wenke)   liberal arts  
理科   (like)   medical course in a college  
工科   (gongke)   engineering course in a college  
医科   (yike)   medical course in a college  
师范   (shifan)   teacher-training major in a college  
系   (xi)   department (in a college, university)  
毕业   (biye)   graduate  
学位   (xuewei)   academic degree  
学士   (xueshi)   bachelor, bachelor's degree  
硕士   (shuoshi)   Master, MA  
博士   (boshi)   doctor, the highest of the academic degrees  
研究   (yanjiu)   study, research  
工作   (gongzuo)   work, job, task  
退休   (tuixiu)   retire, retirement  
公务员   (gongwuyuan)   government employee  
工程师   engineer   (gongchengshi)  
艺术家   (yishujia)   artist, longhair  
医生   (yisheng)   doctor  
大夫   (daifu)   doctor  
护士   (hushi)   nurse  
自由职业   (ziyouzhiye)   liberal professions  
律师   (lushi)   lawyer  
会计   (kuaiji)   accounting, accountant  
教授   (jiaoshou)   professor  
科学家   (kexuejia)   scientist  
画家   (huajia)   painter, artist  
记者   (jizhe)   journalist, reporter  
作家   (zuojia)   writer, author  
经理   (jingli)   manager  
商人   (shangren)   businessman  
演员   (yanyuan)   performer, actor, actress  
工人   (gongren)   worker, laborer  
警察   (jingcha)   police, policeman  
农民   (nongmin)   farmer, peasant  
职员   (zhiyuan)   office staff  
秘书   (mishu)   secretary  
服务员   (fuwuyuan)   waiter, waitress, service person  
翻译   (fanyi)   translate, interpreter, translator  
找   (zhao)   look for  
申请   (shenqing)   apply for, application (for, etc.)  
简历   (jianli)   resume  
登   (deng)   publish, climb (a hill, mountain)  
广告   (guanggao)   advertise, advertisement  
联系   (lianxi)   get in touch with, contact  
收入   (shouru)   income, earnings  
全职   (quanzhi)   full-time job  
兼职   (jianzhi)   part-time job  
工资   (gongzi)   wages, pay, salary  
失业   (shiye)   lose one's job, be unemployed  
机会   (jihui)   opportunity, chance  
努力   (nuli)   make efforts, try hard  
计划   (jihua)   plan, make a plan  
实现   (shixian)   achieve, fulfill  
希望   (xiwang)   hope  
当   (dang)   act as, serve as, become  
老板   (laoban)   boss  
如果   (ruguo)   if  
准备   (zhunbei)   prepare, get ready  
能够   (nenggou)   can, be able to  
成功   (chenggong)   succeed, achieve, success  
教育   (jiaoyu)   teach, educate, education  
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