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latin stage2

studyguide for Latin

merchant mercätor, mercätöris, m.
friend amïcus, amïcï, m.
house vïlla, vïllae, f.
money pecünia, pecüniae, f.
banker argentärius, argentäriï, m.
couch lectum, lectï, n.
peacock/peahen pävö, pävönis, m./f.
dinner cëna, cënae, f.
to greet salütö, salütäre, salütävï
to count numerö, numeräre, numerävï
to respond/reply respondeö, respondëre, respondï
to lie down recumbö, recumbere, recübüï
to sing cantö, cantäre, cantävï
to cook coquö, coquere, coxï
to hear audiö, audïre, audïvï
to wait for exspectö, exspectäre, exspectävï
to tell off/curse vituperö, vituperäre, vituperävï
Howdy! salvë! salvëte!(s./pl.)
happy aetus, laeta
also,too quoque
wine vïnum, vïnï, n.
master dominus, dominï, m.
slave-girl ancilla, ancillae, f.
to carry portö, portäre, portävï
to taste gustö, gustäre, gustävï
to praise laudö, laudäre, laudävï
to please dëlectö, dëlectäre, dëlectävï
to see videö, vidëre, vïdï
to comsume cönsümö, cönsümere, cönsumpsï
to dine (formally) cënö, cënäre, cënävï
to look at spectö, spectäre, spectävï
very good, excellent optimus, optima
very happy laetissimus, laetissima
sweetly suäviter
soon mox
and et
Created by: staghuntress