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Family Lesson 2

A+ Chinese I

爸爸 baba dad
父亲 fuqin father
妈妈 mama mom
母亲 muqin mother
哥哥 gege elder brother
弟弟 didi younger brother
姐姐 jiejie elder sister
妹妹 meimei younger sister
兄弟姐妹 xiongdijiemei sibling
兄妹 xiongmei elder brother and younger sister
姐弟 jiedi elder sister and younger brother
家庭成员 jiating chengyuan family member
家人 jiaren family
爷爷 yeye grandfather (father's side)
祖父 zufu grandfather (father's side)
奶奶 nainai grandmother (father's side)
祖母 zumu grandmother (father's side)
外公 waigong grandfather (mother's side)
老爷 laoye grandfather (mother's side)
外婆 waipo grandmother (mother's side)
姥姥 laolao grandmother (mother's side)
叔叔 shushu uncle
阿姨 ayi auntie
丈夫 zhangfu husband
先生 xiansheng husband; Mister
妻子 qizi wife
太太 taitai wife; Mrs; Madame
儿子 erzi son
女儿 nuer daughter
孙子 sunzi grandson
孙女 sunnu granddaughter
小姐 xiaojie Miss
女士 nushi lady; madam
大学生 daxuesheng university student
中学生 zhongxuesheng secondary school student
小学生 xiaoxuesheng primary school student
上学 shangxue to go to school
工作 gongguo job
上班 shangban to go to work
结婚 jiehun to marry
离婚 lihun to divorce
每天 meitian everyday
周末 zhoumo weekend
请问 qingwen excuse me; may i ask
谢谢 xiexie thank you
不客气 bukeqi your welcome
对不起 duibuqi Sorry
没关系 meiguanxi it doesn't matter
父母亲 fumuqin parents
Created by: danahellie
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