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Anat Chap 11 test

The Muscular System

Name of Muscle that acts as valves to open and close Openings? circular muscle
Type of Muscle that resembles those of individual muscle fibers? Parallel muscles
Name of the Muscle that inserts on the body of the mandible and is involved in what movement? Chewing?
A muscle that assists the muscle that is responsible for the given action? Synergiests
Muscles without the fibers that run parallel to the long axis of the body?
The term of the muscle associated with the leg? All leg muscles
Name of the Muscle that ends in the suffix Glossis is found in? Tongue
"Suffix" costal is found in? Ribs
The name of the kissing muscle? Orbiculares Oris
the Origin of the Occipital Muscle?
Action of Auricular Muscle? Adjust the position of the ear
Insertion of the mentalis muscle? Skin of Chin
Muscle that inserts on the coronoid process of the mandible? Temporalis
Muscle that elevates the tongue? Palatroglossus
Muscle that compresses the abdomen? Transverses abdominis
Insertion of the levator annie inserts on the? Coccyx
insertion of the pectoralis minor? coracoid process of the scapula
Name of muscle that inserts on acromion and scapular spine? Trapezius
Major abductor muscle of the upper arm? deltoid
Muscle that extends the arm during push up? triceps brachii
Muscle that Pronates the forearm? Pronator Quadratus
Muscle that adducts the thumb? Adductor pollicis
Muscle fibers in a single fascicle are arranged as? Parallel
General rule about the difference between origin and insertion? Origin fixed end;insertion moveable
Contraction responsible for producing a particular movement? Agonist and prime mover
Name of muscle visible at body surfaces externus
Deep Muscles are called? Profundae
IN a 1,200 assessment...anguliforis, patients left thigh lacks acidity Cerebral Vascular Accident
The Strongest jaw muscle? Masseter
Muscle that extends the neck? spinalis cervicis
During abdomen surgery a surgeon makes a cut directly to the right of the linea alba. what muscle did he cut? Rectus abdominus
Skeletal muscles can contract until they shorten to what percent? 30%
Thoracic and abdomen wall are composed of what muscles? Obliques and Rectus abdominus
Damage to what muscle will affect the abillity to breath? rectus abdominus or quadratis longus
If your gluteus maximus is bruised there is difficulty? during excercise that extends the leg
to be a better trumpeteer what muscles should be developed? Orbicularis Oris; buccanator
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