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Lecture 29

Oxidative Phosporylation

Why are the words “oxidative” and “phosphorylation” used to describe this process? Oxidative refers to NADH donating its electron and phosphorylation refers to ADP being phosphorylated
What donates electrons to begin electron transport? NADH
Where does glycolysis take place in the cell In the cytosol
Where is pyruvate converted to acetyl CoA? in the mitochondrial matrix
What complex does cyanide affect? Cyanide binds to Complex lV and inhibits electron flow.
What was the substrate and product of the Kreb’s cycle generates FADH2? Succinate
What donates electrons to complex lll? Q
What does complex lll donate electrons to? cytochrome c
What donates electrons to complex lV? cytochrome c
How many protons are pumped through complex lV to reduce O2? 4 protons
What are the three major sources of FAD? B-oxidation of fatty acids, glycerol-3-p, succinate dehydrogenase
How many ATPs are produced from 1 NADH? 2.5
What part of the ATP synthase binds protons? Protons bind aspartate in which cause the c-subunit of Fo to rotate
What happens to F1 when electrons flow through the Fo pore ? The a and B subunits go through a conformational change
What is the role of the gamma subunit in ATP synthesis? When protons enter Fo the c-subunit and the gamma subunit rotate. The gamma subunit passes in between the a and B subunits of F1 and causes the conformational change.
How many ATP are synthesized from one rotation of ATP synthase? 3 ATP
How many ATP and ADP are bound to ATP synthase at one time? 1 ATP and 1 ADP (the lase set of a/B subunits is empty)
Created by: bettyboucher