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E-W Science

5th Grade

What is first during a science lab activity? Wait for instructions
What supplies would you need to determine whether an object would sink or float? container, water, object to be tested
A student collecting data on fish scales could use which set of instruments? hand lense, microscope, ruler
The students are setting up a science experimnet for making crystal. What safety rule should they follow in order to safetly and correctly carry out this activity? Label the containers
The annual migration of salmon is an example of inherited trait
Guide dogs help people that are blind to walk safely along streets. The guide dog's behavior is an example of learned behavior
Because a camel does not sweat, it has the ability to hold enormous amounts of water inside its body. This adaptation would be an advantage in a climate that is very dry
Some animals have large, strong incisors, with sharp points and cutting edges. These animals most likely feed on meat
The number of times a cricket chirps in 15 seconds plus 40 equals the air temperpature in degrees Fahrenheit around the cricket. What adaptive characteristic is demonstrated by the cricket's behavior? warm weather increases a cricket's chirping
In the forest ecosystem, which animal is most likely to build his habitat underground? a fox
Herbivores on the northern plains would compete most for grass
If suitable weather conditions cause the plant population in a food web to increase, what would be the probable result? The carnivores and herbivores will increase.
Which of the following would be an example of how living organisms modify their physical enivornment to meet their physical needs? Beavers building a dam
The sea turtle comes ashore to lay eggs, which of its external characteristics provide protection from predators? hard shell
You have the sun, flowers, grasshopper, eagle, fox...by removing the grasshopper from this food chain, you could predict that the eagle population would decrease
Mold breaks down food by giving off chemicals. This process is called decomposing
About how long does it take Earth to make a complete revolution around the sun? one year
A boy has attached earlobes, like his father. This is an example of a trait that is inherited
Examples of instinctive behaviors are a squirrel gathering nuts, baby sea turtles crawling to the ocean, a caterpillar spinning a cocoon.
A forest is being cut down to make room for a housing development. The animals in this forest ecosystem would compete most for space
smallest element of a living organisim cell
involuntary spasm of diaphragm muscle hiccup
move or carry from place to place transport
main part of body of a living organism body
system of body that assists breathing respiratory system
disease infection
liquid that circulates through veins and arteries red blood cells
gas oxygen
liquid that helps protect against illness white blood cells
necessary for life vital
vital organ heart
carries blood away from the heart arteries
system that carries blood throughout body circulatory system
returns blood to the heart veins
move around circulate
part of a larger unit chamber
machine pushing and pulling pump
set of connecting parts system
allow for movement in an animal's body muscle
no slack tighten
to become loose or limp relax
join together attach
small, thread like cells joining with others fibers
everything total
able to move and be moved flexible
place where 2 things are connected together joints
part of the leg, between hip and knee thigh
framework and structure of bones skeleton
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