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Blood Spatter

Angle of Impact the angle at which a blood droplet strikes a surface
Arterial Gushing the large pattern of blood that is created when blood escapes an artery under pressure rising and falling
Arterial Spurts large patterns created under pressure, but with less volume and usually more distinctive evidence of blood pressure rising or falling
Clot a mass of blood and other contaminates caused through clotting mechanisms
Cast-off Stains blood that has been thrown from a scecondary object (weapon or hand) onto a target other than impacted site
Drop Patterns characteristic patterns present when blood drips into standing, wet blood
Expiratory Blood blood which is spattered onto a target, as a result of breathing; typically this occurs ehen an injury is sustained to the throat, mouth, or airway
Impact Site usually the point on the body that received the blow or applied force, from which the blood was shed
Origin the point in space where the blood spatter came from
Parent Drop the droplet from which the satellite spatter originated
Projected Blood blood under pressure that strikes a target
Satellite Spatters small drops of blood that reak off from the parent spatter when the parent droplet strikes a target surface
Shadowing/Ghosting/Void a pattern that helps to place an object or body in the scene; normally, teh area in question lacks blood even through areas surrounding it show blood
Skeletonized Stain the pattern left when an object moves through a partially dried stain, removing part of the blood, but leaving the outline of the stain intact
Spatter bloodstains created from the application of force or energy to the area where the blood is
Spines the pointed edges of a stain that radiate out to form the spatter
Splash pattern created when a volume of blood in excess of 1mL strikes a surface at a low to medium velocity
Swipe the transfer of blood onto a target surface by a bloody object that is usually moving laterally
Transfer Pattern the pattern created when a wet, bloody object comes in contact with a target surface, leaving a pattern, which has the features of the object making it useful for identifying the object
Target the surface where the lood ends up
Wipe pattern created when a secondary target moves through an existing wet blood stain on some other object
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