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AP Lang Vocab

Alabaster Gypsum;Calcite
Brazen Bold, unashamed;harsh sound; made or like brass
Crustacean Hard-shelled animal;Shellfish.
Despicable Deserving to be despised.
Destitution Lack of subsistence;exteme poverty Def.#2: Deprivation, lack, or absense.
Extrinsic Inessential part;coming or operating from the outside of something;external.
Figment Imaginary;invention
Gouge Chisel. Scoop out hole/Cavity Attack eye with thumb. Rip-off.
Hamlet Small village.
Homogeneous Same kind or nature;uniform composition;mathematics
Inextricably Impossible to escape, disentangle, or solve. Def.#2: Extremely complex or involved.
Invocation Summoning spirit;Prayer invoking God's presence. Def.#2: Supplication or petitioning for help or aid.
Nostalgic Sentimental recollection;Homesickness.
Parochialism Concerned only with small issues, rather than huge ones.
Precluded Prevent something;Exclude somebody or something.
Rococo Ornate Style;18th century.
Sinuous Graceful winding or curving movements Def.#2:Full of bends or curves. Def.#3: Indirect and devious.
Trenchant Energetic achieving;Direct;Incisive;Keen;Sharp.
Trepidation Fear, alarm, agitation;quiver.
Trilogy 3 related works;3 related things.
Truncated End removed or cut-off. Def.#2: Incomplete corners. Def.#3: 1 syllable, fewer poetry.
Turbid Cloudy;Muddy;Confused;Unclear
Writhe Squirm;Coil or fold;Wrench Def.#2: Experience STRONG EMOTION resulting in stress.
Zenith Highest point;Celestial sphere;Highest point reached by astronomical object.
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