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Oncology notes

What type of cancer is the most common cause of SIADH? Carcinoma of the lung (Especially SMALL CELL LUNG CANCER)
What drug is given for SIADH? Vassopressin
What other drugs often used in cancer clients can cause SIADH? Morphine sulfate, cyclophosphamide
What is a common lab finding of SIADH? Hyponatremia (decreased sodium levels)
Mild manifestations of SIADH will include these signs and symptoms? weakness, muscle cramps, loss of appetite, fatigue, decreased urine output
What is the sodium level of a mild manifestation of SIADH? Serum Sodium levels range from 115 to 120 mEq/L
What are the signs and symptoms of a SERIOUS manifestation of SIADH? Weight gain, nervous system changes, personality changes, confusion, and extreme muscle weakness
A sodium level of 110 mEq/L causes what? Seizures, coma and death
The drug most often used for SIADH is? Demeclocycline
What kind of drug is demeclocycline? antibiotic
What can demeclocycline cause in a patient's lab values? hypernatremia; so watch serum sodium levels
What type of IV fluids do you give a person with SIADH? HYPERtonic (D5NaCL; D5LR; D50.45%NaCL)
Name the primary treatments for management of SIADH? Fluid restriction to l liter a day; increased sodium intake; drug therapy
What is a second method for managing SIADH? Reduce or eliminate the cause such as immediate cancer therapy.
What is the cause of weight gain and personality changes in SIADH? Fluid gets into the intracellular space which causes increased fluid retention and increases ICP
What is something that a nurse needs to get on a patient with SIADH everyday? Daily weight
Created by: motlow