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IB ab initio Topic 7

Health and Emergencies----Alvin Heidi Kayla

健康 be in good health (jian kang)
紧急 urgent (jinji)
情况 situation (qingkuang)
injury, to injure (shang)
生病 fall ill (shengbing)
看病 see a doctor (kanbing)
医院 hospital (yiyuan)
急诊 emergency treatment (jizhen)
中医 traditional chinese medicine (zhongyi)
牙医 dentist (yayi)
治疗 treatment (zhiliao)
西医 western medicine (xiyi)
舒服 comfortable (shufu)
恢复 recover (huifu)
感冒 flu (ganmao)
咳嗽 cough (kesou)
头疼 headache (touteng)
发烧 to have a fever (fashao)
受赏 injuries (shoushang)
流血 bleed (liuxue)
吃药 take medicine (chiyao)
打针 shot (dazhen)
药房 drugstore (yaofang)
病房 hospital ward (bingfang)
医务室 clinic (yiwushi)
X光 X Ray (ai kesi guang)
住院 be in hospital (zhuyuan)
medicine (yao)
药方 prescription (yaofang)
药片 pill (yaopian)
药店 Drugstore, pharmacy (yaodian)
一日 each day (yiri)
两次 twice (liangci)
饭后 after meal (fanhou)
服用 take medice (fuyong)
寻找 look for (zunzhao)
失物 lost items (shiwu)
丢失 lose (diushi)
东西 stuff (dongxi)
形状 shape (xingzhuang)
查找 search for (chazhao)
钱包 wallet (qianbao)
报告 report (baogao)
大使馆 embassy (dashiguan)
保险 insurance (baoxian)
通知 inform (tongzhi)
小偷 thief (xiaotou)
扒手 theif (pashou)
药水 liquid medicine (yaoshui)
事故 accident shigu
救护车 ambulance jiuhuche
证人 witness zhengren
火灾 fire disaster huozai
灭火 put out the fire miehuo
失事 have an accident shishi
地震 earthquake dizhen
急救 first aid jiju
救援 save jiuyuan
修理 repair/fix xiuli
坏了 broken huialiao
熄火 (fire) go out xihuo
救助 aid jiuzhu
标志 sign biaozhi
危险 danger weixian
入内 get into runei
正在 in the process of zhengzai
施工 construction shigong
出口 exit/export chukou
入口 enter/import rukou
Created by: EWHS-Mandarin
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