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oncology part 4

True or False?The most common cause of cancer spread is from bloodborne metastasis? True
Tumor cells released in the blood is known as what? Bloodborne metastasis
In this step of metastasis, clumps damage the capillary wall and allow cancer to enter the surrounding tissue? Bloodborne metastasis
Shedding of cancer cells in the local area of the primary tumor is called? local seeding
Tumors secrete _____ that open up areas of surrounding tissue? Enzymes
Metastatic tumors are also called? Secondary tumors
This makes large pores in the client's blood vessels, allowing tumor cells to enter the blood and circulate throughout the body? Enzymes
When remote sites can support tumor cell growth, what happens to the tumor cells? They (arrest) and invade the surrounding tissues, creating secondary tumors
In ovarian cancer, cells often spill from the primary tumor into where? into the peritoneal cavity where they set up multiple secondary sites.
Classification of tumors:*Adeno Epithelial gland
Classification of tumors:*Chondro Cartilage
Classification of tumors:*Fibro Fibrous connective
Classification of tumors:*Glio Glial cells (brain)
Classification of tumors:*Hemangio Blood vessel
Classification of tumors:*Hepato Liver
Classification of tumors:*Leiomyo Smooth muscle
Classification of tumors:* Lipo Fat/adipose
Classification of tumors: * Lympho Lymphoid tissues
Classification of tumors: * Melano Pigment-producing skin
Classification of tumors: * Meningio meninges
Classification of tumors: * Neuro Nerve tissue
Classification of tumors: * osteo Bone
Classification of tumors: * Renal Kidney
Classification of tumors: * Rhabdo Skeletal muscle
Classification of tumors: * Squamous Epithlial layer of skin, mucous membranes, and organ linings
CARCINOMAS are what type of tissue tumors? MALIGNANT glandular/EPITHELIAL (page 475 iggy)
What type of tissue tumors are SARCOMAS? MALIGNANT-connective tissue
What type of tissue tumors are BLASTOMAS? less differentiated, embryonal tissue
Besides classifying cancer by the tissue type, Name 3 other ways to classify it? 1. Biological Behavior 2. Anatomic site3. Degree of differentiation
"oma" means what? TUMOR
Cancers are divided into 2 major categories? 1. Solid 2. Hematologic
Breast cancer and lung cancer tumors are considered to be what category of cancer? (Solid or Hematologic) Solid tumors
Leukemia and Lymphomas are considered to be in what kind cancer category? (Solid or Hematologic) Hematologic
These tumors develop from specific tissue? (Solid or Hematologic) Solid
These tumors develop from blood cell-forming tissues? (Solid or Hematologic) Hematologic
Malignant cells of blood are called? Leukemias
Malignant cells of bone are called? Myelomas
Malignant cells of lymph are called? Lymphomas
Malignant cells of melanocytes are called? Melanomas
This classifies cellular aspects of a cancer tumor? Grading
This classifies the clinical aspect of cancer? Staging
The highest number of deaths in both men and women with cancer result from this type of cancer? Lung cancer
New cases of this type of cancer are found most in MEN? Prostate cancer
This type of cancer is the leading cause of new cases each year in WOMEN? Breast cancer
True or False?When rating cancer cells that barely resemble normal cells, they are given the HIGHEST rating? True
This term is used to describe cancer cells by CHROMOSOME NUMBER and APPEARANCE? PLOIDY
When a cancer cell HAS MORE OR LESS THAN 23 pairs, it is said to be_______? ANEUploid
NORMAL human cells have how many chromosomes? 46
NORMAL human cells have how many PAIRS? 23
Created by: motlow