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Oncology part 3

The removal of all identifiable tumor along with a small margin of normal tissue is what type of surgery? Local Excision
The removal of identifiable tumor plus immediate tissue or adjacent tissue is what type of surgery? Wide local excision (RADICAL)
The removal of tumor, surrounding tissue, adjacent structures, and usual lymph channels draining the area is known as what type of surgery? Wide excision
The removal of tumor, lymphatics,adjacent organs, and all tissues in the region is known as what type of surgery? EXTENDED RADICAL EXCISION
This surgery is done for a tumor that infiltrates in a wide area but with no known distant metastasis? EXTENDED RADICAL EXCISION
This surgery is used for small to moderate-size tumors with known LOCAL INVASION? Wide excision
This surgery is used for small tumors with only local tissue invasion? Wide local excision (RADICAL)
This surgery is used for small, localized tumors? local excision
Removing part of the tumor and leaving a known amount of gross tumor is known as this? DeBULKing
Cytoreductive surgery is another name for this type of surgery? DeBulking
This type of surgery alone cannot result in a cure, but decreases the number of cancer cells and increases the chances that other therapies can be successful? Control (Cytoreductive Surgery) also known as "debulking"
This type of surgery increases function, enhances appearance, or both? Reconstructive or Rehabilitative surgery
Breast reconstruction is known as what type of surgery performed after a mastectomy? Reconstructive
Replacement of the esophagus after radiation damage is known as what type of surgery? Reconstructive
The process by which normal cells are transformed into cancer cells is known as this? Carcinogenesis
The formation and development of tumors is called this?The formation and development of tumors is called this? Oncogenesis
True or False?Neoplastic cells orginate from normal body cells? True
True or False?Transformation of a normal cell inot a cancer cell involves mutation of the genes (DNA) of the normal cells? True
Early embryonic genes that are overexpressed can cause a cell to develop into a tumor? True
True or False?Only one cell has to undergo malignant transformation for cancer to begin? True
True or False?Benign tumors grow by expansion, whereas malignant tumors grow by invasion? True
True or False?Most tumors arise from cells that are capable of cell division? True
True or False?A key feature of cancer cells is the loss of apoptosis? True
True or False?Cancer cells do not have a very long life span? False. Cancer cells have an "infinite" life span. page 472 iggy
True or False?Primary prevention of cancer involves avoiding exposure to known causes of cancer? True
True of False?Secondary prevention of cancer involves screening for early detection? True
True or False?Tobacco use is a causative or permissive factor in 30% of all malignant neoplasms? True
True or False?Tumors that metastasize from the primary site into another organ are still designated as tumors of the orginating tissue? True
Name two cancer cells that move from the primary location by breaking off from the original group and establish remote colonies? 1. Metastataic tumors 2. Secondary tumors
Name at least four ways that cancer metastasis can occur? 1. Extension into surrounding tissues 2. Blood vessel penetration 3. Release of tumor clls 4. Invasion
How does invasion occur in cancer? Name 3 ways 1. Local Seeding 2. Bloodborne metastasis 3. lymphatic spread
Which cancers like to metastasize in the liver? Breast, lung, colorectal
Which cancer likes to metastasize in the bone? Breast, Prostate, Lung
Which areas of the bone does prostate cancer like to metastasize in? Be specific. spine and legs
Which cancer likes to metastasize in the pancreas? lung
Which cancers like to metastasize in the lymph nodes? colorectal, lung, melanoma
Where is the common site of Primary Brain cancer? Central Nervous system
Where is the common sites for melanoma to metastasize? GI tract, Lymph nodes, lung, brain
Besides the bone, where else does prostate cancer like to metastasize? pelvic nodes
Created by: motlow
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