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MS III-Ostomy

Chapter 26 Definitions/Workbook

Anastomosis Communication or connection between two organs or parts of organs
Ostomy Surgical procedure that creates an opening into a body structure
Stenosis of ostomy Narrowing of the abdominal opening around the base of the stoma. If severe, blocks the passage of feces
Nephrostomy Surgically created opening in the kidney to drain urine
Ileostomy Surgically created opening in the ileum
Colostomy Surgically created opening in the colon
Prolapse Protrudes out farther out than usual
Stoma Opening created to drain contents of an organ
Ureterostomy Surgically created opening in the ureter
Vesicostomy Surgically created opening in the urinary bladder
Continent Capable of controlling natural impulses; in relation to an ostomy, able to retain feces or urine
Ostomate A person who has an ostomy
Hydronephrosis Kidney becomes swollen with urine. Can lead to serioud kidney damage
Following ileostomy surgery, the stoma is inspected for bleeding and ______ Color
What color would the stoma be if the circulation is poor? Very pale, bluish, or black
Following ileostomy surgery, what should you examine when checking the base of the stoma? Purulent drainage, redness, skin breakdown
If the color of the stoma is pale or blue following ileostomy surgery, what should the nurse do? Notify the physician
What does a small amount of bleeding around the base of a new stoma indicate? Adequate blood supply
If edema occurs after the first week postoperatively, this most likely indicates: Improperly fitting collection device
When does ileostomy drainage occur after surgery? 24-48 hours
Which manifestation indicates mental status changes in the postoperative ileostomy patinet indicating electrolyte imbalances? Confusion/Anxiety
Postoperative ileostomy patients may experience electrolyte imbalances due to: passage of liquid stool, NG suction
Which foods should patients with continent ileostomies avoid initially Coffee, berries, nuts, fresh fruit, alcohol, skins, seeds, pineapple, milk
What are two main long-term complication of colostomies? Prolapse and stenosis
What are factors that contribute to a prolapsed stoma in a colostomy? Increased abd. pressure, coughing/sneezing, poorly attached stoma, abd. opening that is too large
What are two consequences of urinary tract infections following ureterostomy? Stenosis, hydronephrosis
What is the treatment for yeast infections around the ureterostomy stoma? Nystatin
If odor is a problem with ureterostomy, the puch can be soaked for 20-30 minutes in: Vinegar water
The loss of biocarbonate in ileostomy drainage can result in: Metabolic acidosis
After bowel resection for the ileal conduit procedure, you should expect: Temporary ileus (absence of bowel activity)
In which procedure would the nurse expect to find mucus in the drainage? Ileal conduit
The kock pouch is made with a section of: Ileum
Which foods tend to produce thicker stools? Pasta and boiled rice
Why is a NG tube placed in patients with bowel obstruction? Decompress the bowel
What is a complication of colostomy irrigation? Perforated bowel
The reason Flagyl is given to patients with ileoanal resevoir is that it treats: Inflammation
What is a sign of bowel obstruction? Abd. distention
Which group has the highest rate of colon and rectal cancers, which are commonly treated with ostomies? African American
Which type of patient with a colostomy should be given a two-piece appliance that allows frequent pouch changes without skin trauma? Muslim
In the patient with a colostomy, how often should you check the puch to detect leakage? Hourly
Created by: Tarian1023