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dislike, distest abhor
to be away from normal, random abstract
having two sides bilateral
two spouses bigamy
at the same time synchronize
to combine multiple items to make one synthesis
not aloud forbidden
reject forswear
covering much comprehensive
being togather compatible
highly offensive obnoxious
destroy completely obliterate
lower in rank subordinate
secondary or a supliment subsidiary
enclose to keep sacret enshrine
to form a circle around, encompes encircle
pass through every part permeate
the act of sticking to a purpose, no matter the opsticle perseverance
disorder or ramble discursive
spread out or scatter disperse
to move from one place to another transplant
move across from continent transcontinental
using both hands equally ambidextrous
mood surrounds the room ambiance
more than one spouse polygamy
many syllables polysyllabic
one's own signiture autograph
a story about one's self written by one's self autobiography
above normal humans superhuman
above natural forces supernatural
a prediction about future stuff forecast
ancestors forefather
to do away with frost defrost
put someone down, or loose rank degrade
make new again renew
to happen again recur
incorrect estimate miscalculate
the wrong idea misconception
not tastful unsavory
having so limits unrestricted
a person who works in the fields agarian
cultivation of fields agriculture
wondering through fields peregrination
paid every year annuity
happens every two years biennial
flowering yearly and lasting the whole year perennial
remove a head decapitate
head of something captain
major or head city capital
a person who believes that nothing is known outside of human experience agnostic
without knowledge incognito
way a person learns cognitive
top layer of skin epidermis
elephant skin pachyderm
study of skin and disorders dermatology
a witty saying epigram
messages sent over a long distance telegram
method of rapid writing uses symbols stenography
something thrown forward, missle projectile
path taken by a thrown object trajectory
throw back reject
anything to deal with the sea or sailing maritime
under sea boat submarine
someone who makes their living on the sea mariner
follows in order consecutive
arrangement where one thing follows another sequence
series, or something that follows sequel
pertaining to earth terrestrial
underground subterranean
pertaining to the middle mediterranean
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