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Mercy Antidysrythmics

1st and 2nd nameclassIndicationsContraindicationsDosageRoute(s)Side effects
Adenosine/Adenocord endondenous nucleotide Convert PSVT to NSR, may convert PSVT to WPW sensitivity to adenosine 2nd or 3rd degree HB Aflutter/Afib VT 6mg 1-3 sec; if no response 12 mg 1-3 sec, Max Dose: 30mg IV Facial flushing, SOB, CP, H/A, paresthesia, diaphoresis, palpitations, hypotension, nausea, metalic taste
Amiodarone/pacerone/carderone (atrial and ventricular antidysrythmic) K+ channel blocker. class 3 Vfib refractory defib and Lidocaine, VT refractory to cardioversion and lisocaine 2nd and 3rd degree HB profound bradycardia med-induced Ventricular dysrythmias Hypotentsion, bradcardia, Torsades live: 150mg over 10 min cardiac arrest: 300mg fast IVP Hypotension, bradycardia, PEA, CHF, Nausea, fever, thrombocytopenia
Bretylium/bretylol (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Diltiazem/cardizem class IV, CCB, antidysrythmic control of rapid ventricular rates due to Aflutter, Afib, PSVT, Angina Pectoris 2nd or 3rd degree HB, hypotension, sick sinus, cadiogenic shock, wide complex tach 0.25mg/kg IV over 2 min, may rebolus in 15 min at 0.35mg/kg over 2 min IVP (blank)
Lidocaine/xylocaine class 1B Na+ chanel blocker Vtach, VFib, PVC 2nd or 3rd degree HB, hypotension, stokes adams Arrest, VF/VT 1.5mg IVP q 3-5 to MAX 3mg/kg VT w/ pulse 1-1.5 mg /kg then 0.5-0.75 mg/kg q5- 10 to max of 3mg/kg. PVC w/ pulse 0.5-1.5 mg/kg IV then 0.5-.5mg/kg q5-10 max 3mg/kg (blank) ch, seizures, AMS, Blurred vision, bradycardia, lightheadedness
Mag Sulfate/ MgSO4 Electrolyte Seizures of eclampsia, Torsades, Hypomagnesemia, TCA OD, DIG induced arrythmia, Class IIa refractory VF/VT after lidocaine Heart blocks and renal disease seizures- 1-4gm IVP over 3 min.. Torsades or refractory VF/VT 1-2 gm IVP over 1-2 min IVP Respiratory depression, CNS depression, Facial Flushing, diaphoresis, Cardiac collaspe, Arrest, asystole, hypotension, depressed reflexes
Created by: klprentiss1299