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Solor house quiz

What direction should the longest side of a house be facing? Why? South, because the sun is south toward the equator and we want to take advantage of the natural light and heating
Where in the house should the most used rooms be located? The lease used rooms? Why? Most used rooms should be in the south side of the house because it is the side of the house that you will have the most temperature control over and you want the heating and lighting the least used rooms on the north side because there is less temperatur
What are the pros and cons of window use in a house? How can the cons be mitigated? Explain. The pros for windows is you gain lighting from the sun and gain heat in winter, and ventilation in summer. Cons are heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. You can fix the cons by double-pained windows for insulation and well calculated over hangs to
What side of a house should have the most window area? Why? The south side to take advantage of the heat gain through windows you want windows everywhere for light
What is thermal mass and how does it relate to specific heat? Thermal mass is mass that heats up and cools down slowly therefore is good heat storage. Something that has high specific heat also has good thermal mass
How does the use of thermal mass help to heat and cool a building on the same day? Explain. when the sun is out the thermal mass absorbs the heat during the day and releases it in the night for heating. If you want to cool your house the thermal mass must be in positioned where it will not be exposed to any light It will absorb the heat in the a
Name two materials of high thermal mass and two materials of low thermal mass. concrete and water have high thermal mass. Low thermal mass are wood and straw.
How should the thermal mass be situated in order to best heat a house? Be sure to discuss the angle of sunlight. Explain It must be in the path of direct sunlight as close to 90 degrees as possible.
How should thermal mass be situated to best cool a house? Explain. it must be away from direct sunlight.
What are the benefits of using insulating material in house design? It will trap air and stop heat transfer, so it slows unwanted heat gain and loss.
What are the benefits of ventilation? Explain. allows air to cycle through the house. Fresh air to come into the house. It can also allows breezes to take away hot air.
name two materials used for insulation in a green design house. grass materials and straw bails
List and explain all the science learned this year that helps in understanding passive solar design architecture. Be as inclusive as you can. Convection: the placement of air and heat and its movement, weather: Temperatures and earths conditions , the earths relationship to the sun and the earths rotation and tilt: orientation, heating, and lighting
Be able to make a diagram that allows full sun through a given window during the winter solstice and no sun during the summer solstice. You will be provided with a protractor and the window dimensions.
Created by: soccerluva101