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A hurricane needs these things for an energy source... Heat and energy from evaporation and condensation from warm ocean waters.
Huricanes rotate in a ______________direction counter-clockwise
This part of the hurricane has light winds and fair weather the eye
This part of the hurricane is the strongest part. It has large cumulonimbus clouds that produce heavy winds and rain. the eye wall
Where hurricanes typically form 5 to 15 degrees latitude north and south of the equator.
causes flooding along the coast during a hurricane... a mound of water created at the center of the hurricane by spiral winds
Atlantic hurricane season... June 1st -November 30
ways in which hurricanes have been named phonetic alphabet, women's names, men's names
A typhoons and cyclones are different from a hurricane because of... geography (it's location).
Tropical storm watch- Tropical storm conditions with sustained winds from 39-74 mph are possible within the next 36 hours
Tropical storm Warning- Tropical storm conditions are expected within the next 24 hours
Hurricane watch- Hurricane conditions are possible, triggering your disaster plans to be put into place
Hurricane warning Hurricane conditions are expected within 24 hours
Disaster Plan the plan decided upon to protect your family from severe weather
Created by: chemingway