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life science ch.15-1

vitamin A fat-soluble,maintains healthy skin,bones, teeth found in mostlly dairy products
vit. D fat-soluble,maintains bones and teeth found in fprtaified dairy products and get from sun!!!
vit. E fat-soluble,aids in maintenance of red blood cells found in vegie oils
vit.K fat-soluble,aids in blood clotting
B1 (thiamin water s.,needed to breakdown carbs!,found in pork
B2 (riboflavin) water s.needed for normal growth,dairy products,eggs
B3(niacin) water s.,needed for release of energy,many protien rich foods
B6 (pyridoxine) water s.,helps breakdown of protiens,fats,and carbs,found in meat vegies etc.
B12 water s.,maintains healthy nervous system, needed for red blood cell formation
Biotin water s., aids in the release of energy,found in liver, meat, fish, eggs etc.
Folic acid water s.,needed for red cell formation,found in grean leafy vegies n legumes,seeds,liver
pantothenic acid water s. needed to release energy,found in liver meats fish eggs whole grain
C water s.,needed to form connective tissue and fight infection,citrus fruits tomatoes,potatos,vegies and mangoes
calcium mineral,helps build bones and teeth,dairy
chlorine helps maintain water balance,tablesalt
fluorine form bones and teeth, floride drink water
iodine release energy
iron needed blood cell function
magnesium aids in muscle and nerve function,helps release energy
phosphorus helps produce healthy bones and teeth
potassium helps maintain water balance
sodium helps maintain water balance and nerve function
Created by: hburford