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science vocaburlary

sciencce vocab

Caloric theoroy If you put a spoon in a bowl of soup it will eventually get warm
Joule Unit for measuring energy; it takes 4.18 to raise the tempature of 1g of water by 1 degree
Needs Are the basics required conditions that we must meet in order to live
Wants Are not vital to living to our survival
standard of living How is measured of how we live
sustainable can be maintained or contuined capable of being used identifly, often referring to the use of resources
heat energy energy that flows from matter at higher tempature to a matter at a lower tempature
freezing point tempatures at which a substance changes a liquid state to a solid state
melting point tempatures at which a substance changes a solid state to a liquid
boiling point tempature at which a substance changes from a liquid state to a gas state
condensation change of state from gas to liquid by removing heat
particle model of matter model that explains the behavior of solids liquids and gases it states that all matter is made up of tiny moving particles that attract other and have spaces between them
kinetic energy energy of movment particles that make up matter have kinetic energy
volume amount of space occupied by matter millilitres (ml)and litres (L) are common units of volume
solid state has a definite shape and volume
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