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Earthquake Terms

Earthquake a vibration of the earth produced by a rapid release of energy
Focus the actual point in the earth's crust where earthquake waves begin
Faults surfaces along which rocks have fractured and been displaced.
Continental Drift Wegner's theory that the continents were once all one piece
Plate Tectonics when the plates move into eachother and form ridges and mountains, or cracks
Earth's Crust made up of many rocks, and is around 25 miles thick. all of the earthquakes start in the crust
San Andreas Fault Line a 1300 mile long fault that runs through California. A huge earthquake happened here.
Elastic Energy
Elastic Rebound When the crust moves and suddenly flies back to it's original position
Fault Creep
Stick Slip
Foreshocks small earthquakes that happen before major earthquakes
Aftershocks Small earthquakes that happen after a major earthquake
Created by: dmakepeace